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The difference between the Nose Rings primitive man's uses of body piercing jewelry in addition to the modern human being's use of this jewelry is not only in the material in addition to location, but also the purpose of wearing these. First let me give you a brief about what materials were used by citizens in making piercing jewelry in addition to where they used in the direction of wear them. The natural materials like shell, wood, bones, claws were popular on behalf of the use as jewelry items. In the midst of the discovery of metals like iron, gold in addition to such, these metals were also used. Gold has always been an expensive metal in addition to even in earlier days gold was not used by everybody. The next difference is in the locations of piercings. Previously, men in addition to women used in the direction of wear huge circular plates or rings in the direction of elongate their lips or earlobes with body piercing jewelry removal kit. Also, wearing many steel rings on the neck is still a custom on behalf of some African in addition to south-Asian tribes.